Hi! welcome to my portfolıo

Doruk Arslan

Computer Engineer

About Me

A 24 year old tech enthusiast with a keen interest in full-stack mobile development, IoT, and data analytics, coupled with a strong foundation in business administration.Has strong skills in analytical thinking and problem solving. Extroverted, enjoys communicating with people.Confident and eager to learn, I excel in rapidly evolving tech environments, continuously seeking new challenges and knowledge. I’m skilled in leveraging recently developed AI tools, adapting effectively to the ever-changing tech environment. With a solid understanding of how to write impactful AI prompts and a strong capability in online research, I stay well-equipped for the demands of today’s technology-driven world

Professional Tech Expertise

Continuously advancing in various computer science fields, I embrace new challenges and consistently enhance my skills, staying at the forefront of technological innovation.

Full-Stack Mobile Development

Specializing in full-stack mobile development, I have successfully built and launched several hobby projects using Flutter, some achieving over 250 downloads. My approach is hands-on, handling everything from UI design, asset creation, and illustrations to backend development. I utilize tools like FastAPI, Docker, GitHub Actions, Redis, Prometheus, and GraphQL to ensure robust and efficient app functionality. Additionally, I employ Swift to develop watch extensions for iOS apps, establishing communication through the Watch Connectivity framework.

Embedded Systems

My expertise extends to designing and implementing practical solutions with Arduino and Raspberry Pi for both professional and personal use. From automating daily tasks to developing business solutions with attractive UIs, my projects often involve CAN bus communication for automotive data retrieval or serial communication for battery data visualization.

Data Analysis

Venturing into data analysis, I have started utilizing R for various projects, focusing on extracting meaningful insights from data, especially in business contexts to understand customer behavior. My ability to ask the right questions and create insightful visualizations has been instrumental in decoding customer purchase patterns and demographic studies.


TED University


Main Field: Computer Engineering

GPA: 3.85/4

Secondary Field: Business Administration

GPA: 3.90/4


C/ C++
Adobe PS
Adobe Lightroom

Frameworks & Tools

• Docker
• Git
• Flutter
• FastAPI
• RabbitMQ
• NodeRED
• MongoDB
• Firebase
• Arduino
• RaspberryPi
• Jira &Trello
• Firebase

My Experience


aucobo GmbH

Software Developer

• Developing cross-platform and watchOS applications using Flutter and Swift, with a focus on implementing Watch Connectivity for seamless integration between Native and Flutter platforms.
• Handling data communication via RabbitMQ and NodeRED, ensuring accurate data presentation on Apple Watch; this includes managing messaging protocols, data integrity, and real-time synchronization across devices.
• Gaining hands-on experience with AWS EC2, managing node clusters and pods using Lens, contributing to system optimization and troubleshooting.

2022 Summer

aucobo GmbH

Software Development Internshıp

 •  Developed a physical support station for smartwatches using Raspberry Pi, involving shell scripting and multithreading for efficient operation.
 •  Employed Selenium scripts for web scraping to analyze data from smartwatches.

2022 (6 Months)

 STM Defence Technologies& Engineering Inc.

Candidate Engineer

• Established server and client communication over APIs via TCP/IP using C++ and Boost Signal library, observing code design patterns in a Linux environment.
• Developed robust code for real-time communication systems, ensuring reliability and efficiency under high-load conditions.




•. Elevated reBilet by securing a spot at ITU Cekirdek, which ranked as Europe’s 8th and the world’s 18th top incubation center by UBI Global, for investment opportunities and entrepreneurial growth.
•. Played a pivotal role in application development, while also acquiring expertise in feasibility analysis, brand management, and strategic marketing to steer the startup towards market success.

2021 Summer

Baumüller Nürnberg   GmbH 

It Department Intern

• Acquired knowledge about the company’s server infrastructure and IT solutions, assisting with system diagnostics and troubleshooting.
• Facilitated effective issue resolution through a ticket-based support system, enhancing company-wide IT operations.

2021 Summer

STM Defence Technologies& Engineering Inc.

Embeeded Systems Intern

• Specialized in the utilization of STM32 microcontrollers; developed and implemented various communication protocols (I2C, SPI, UART) in hands-on projects, enhancing device interoperability and data exchange efficiency.
• Gained experience with FreeRTOS in a real-time operating environment, leveraging task scheduling, multithreading, and mutex implementations to optimize system responsiveness and stability in bare-metal programming contexts.



Young Brains New Ideas Competition Winner

I am happy to announce that we took the first place in the “Young Brains New Ideas” graduation projects competition organized by the Informatics Association of Turkey (TBD)! We are very proud to see the result of our efforts in our project, PassGuard, which we developed as a more sustainable and more secure alternative to reduce the dependency on physical cards used in several institutions. I would like to thank TBD TÜRKİYE BİLİŞİM DERNEĞİ for organizing this event and my teammates Doğuhan Cumaoğlu, Hasanalp Temiz and Alp Keskin for their efforts. 


GDSC Leads Summit

I’ve come to the end of my Google Developer Student Clubs Lead position, which I have been leading TED University chapter for almost a year. I had an excellent year with meeting various GDSC leaders from all around the world, learning a lot about both software development and Google technologies, and of course, trying to introduce new technologies to our Chapter members. Most of all, it was an excellent experience for me to be able to develop my leadership experience in such a large community.

In this year, where we organized many events from different fields and technologies, the efforts of the leaders I cooperated with and my core team are very valuable and meaningful to me.

Mercedes-Benz Star Hack

After the evaluations, we got the chance to participate in the Star Hack event organized by Mercedes-Benz with our team Dips. In this process, within the 24 hours given to us, we have developed a project with our team where we can offer Users a better in-car purchase experience while encouraging drivers to protect nature. While designing our project, we took into consideration the titles of Innovation, Technical Demonstration, Feasibility and Business Impact. After 24 hours, we were able to produce a working prototype. In this prototype, we used Flutter, FastAPI, Docker, MongoDB-Cloud, and Azure technologies. You can take a look at the application we have developed from the relevant link:


GDSC Info Session

This week, we organized our Info session as Google Developer Student Club TED University. As Team Lead, I was very proud to see that much interest even in our first meeting. As the GDSC TEDU team. We are so excited about the coming meetings and we believe we will grow even more with future events.