Discover your perfect musical match with our cross-platform app, designed for musicians seeking bandmates and bands looking for that missing piece. Whether you’re a band short of one key member or a talented musician looking to join a group, our app bridges the gap. Easily post and search for opportunities by specifying genre, city, and position. Tailor your search with filters for instruments and genres to find your ideal band or bandmate. Connect instantly using our real-time chat feature and stay updated with handy notifications. It’s time to turn your musical dreams into reality – join our community and find your musical soulmate today!

Frontend:  Flutter, Provider, Firebase Cloud Messaging

Backend:  FastAPI, Docker, MongoDB, GraphQL, WebSockets(Custom Real Time Chat), Redis, Firebase Storage

Cloud & CI/CD & Version Control: AWS, Github Actions, Github


SpyCall transforms the classic SpyFall game by introducing a wide range of categories and captivating locations. Its standout feature allows users to tailor their own game categories and places. With multi-language support in English, German, and Turkish, the application is developed using the Flutter framework. Every design and visuals were produced by me using various tools. More than 1000 downloads as of May 2024. 

Pass Guard

Leveraging cutting-edge technologies, Pass Guard seeks to eliminate the need for physical cards within certain organizations, offering a more sustainable and user-friendly solution. For each transaction, it necessitates face-scanning for user identification, performing a real-time analysis of the user conducting the transaction, and cross-referencing this with the corresponding user profile stored in its database. Rather than solely relying on NFC technology, Pass Guard is equipped to execute operations within the organization via QR code scanning. Beyond facilitating access events, Pass Guard also provides a blockchain-powered feature enabling users to transfer funds either peer-to-peer or to in-house stores. You can reach the demo video and report from the links below:


Stay focused.

Create as many workspaces as you want with LearnFlow! You can start work on the workspaces you have created, add the work you have done, and view the work analysis. Stay focused with LearnFlow. Check it on:

Rebilet (Ongoing)

Our first venture with four partners, reBilet is still in development and will be with you shortly. Moreover, we are located in the ITU Çekirdek incubation center, which we have been selected as a result of the evaluations in order to seek investment and improve our entrepreneurial skills.

My Artikel

Need TO-Do

Create a TODO list that you can use with associate members at your place.

The easiest way to create a shared TODO list. With Need-TODO, you can create your own place, switch between the places you are a member of, review and edit the TODO list that you use in common with the members of the place. Check it on:

Temperature Control System

You can access the SRS document and source codes of our application, which we developed and applied the patterns learned in the software engineering course, in the repository below.


There is absolutely no scientific basis for the calculations used in practice and the conclusions reached. Results are approximate and predictive. Considering that the promil result will differ from body to body, do not drive under the influence of alcohol. App was developed with Flutter both for Android and IOS. However, due to limitations, it was rejected by App Store. Check it on: